Four Get Fit — Bruce

February 21, 2012


My goals for Four Get Fit are to lose weight and improve my endurance. Over the course of last year, I was able to lose 35 pounds. After returning to Austin after the holidays, I have gained about 10 of those pounds back. I attribute this to the holiday season and all the great restaurants Austin has to offer. I love to eat out and often cannot resist dining invitations from my friends.

I believe my reluctance to exercise over the past five years is because of the training schedule I observed while I was a competitive athlete. During college my time was spent in two activities, school and fencing. I trained heavily five or six days a week. My aerobic training usually included 20 miles of running a week, while my anaerobic training involved a pyramid weight lifting schedule. Once I left college, retired from fencing and started working, I lacked the motivation to continue such a rigorous schedule. I also started smoking, which has greatly attributed to my lack of endurance and motivation. I have cut down considerably and plan to quit in the coming months.

If I were to evaluate my health based on my athletically competitive days, I would, at 218 pounds, be 38 pounds overweight. I would attribute some of this to an increased muscle mass, but most of it is fat. Having already lost 20 pounds in the last year, this final sum seems insurmountable.

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