October 29, 2012

Last week I learned in my Nutrition class that HDL stands for High Density Lipoproteins and are heathy for me. I also learned that LDL stand for Low Density Lipoproteins and are less healthy for me. Can you explain exactly what a High Density Lipoprotein and a Low Density Lipoprotein are and why HDL is healthy and why LDL can be unhealthy?

A high amount of low density lipoprotein [LDL-Cholesterol] signals that there are too many carriers transporting cholesterol to your artery walls. Therefore the nutrition goal is to limit saturated and trans fats by limiting full-fat dairy products, red meats, poultry skin, stick margarine, cookies, crackers and fast food French fries. You also should maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

A low amount of high density lipoprotein [HDL-Cholesterol] on the other hand indicates too few carriers are transporting cholesterol away from artery walls. Regular exercise can help raise HDL to a point but genetics also has a role. Follow your physicians advice regarding improving your cholesterol profile, but healthy eating is always a good idea!

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