The Last Supper Phenomenon

November 7, 2011
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Regardless of when you start a weight management program, try
to avoid the “Last Supper” phenomenon. This phenomenon is the
tendency to overeat during the holidays or to overeat the week before
your program begins. This common occurrence results in extra pounds
that take much more time to lose than to gain and cause feelings
of frustration that interfere with the positive mind-set necessary
to commit to healthier eating and physical activity.

Thinking positively and being aware of thoughts is important for successful, long-term weight management. Simply put, thinking about the “big picture” involves setting and committing to realistic and specific goals. It is useful to establish specific goals for eating, exercise, weight , and well-being. Keeping the big picture in focus helps guide the day-to-day decisions.


Successful weight management can be a difficult process. For most successful weight managers, success comes from sustained changes in eating and physical activity that become incorporated into their daily lifestyles.

The issues covered in this article are intended to help individuals productively plan their New Year’s resolutions for weight management. Learning from past experiences, careful consideration of current circumstances, and thoughtful goal setting may help individuals avoid certain pitfalls.

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