The Mother Daughter Relationship With Food, Part 2

September 28, 2012

Some negative effects of dieting may include:

Dry skin
Hair loss

Sleep difficulties
Joint pain
Menstrual irregularities
Cold intolerance
Low self-esteem
Eating disorders
Bone loss
Thyroid problems
It is important to set a good example for your daughter. Do not put yourself down in front of her. If you are having a problem with low self-esteem or depression, seek the help of a professional. Explain to her that changes during puberty are normal and that women naturally have more fat cells. Show her how this is a good thing.

Explain all the negative consequences of dieting and that dieting causes a biological response to overeating. This is why you lose weight and usually gain more back. Talk openly with your daughter about food and weight and body image. Ask her how she feels when she sees a sickly thin girl on TV or on the cover of her favorite magazine. Find a good role model. Many magazines and modeling agencies are featuring plus-sized and “normal” women. While the popular size two is still around, we are beginning to see more eight’s and 12′s. Read about these “larger” models and why they are proud of their shape. This will show your daughter that you don’t have to look anorexic to be beautiful.

Downplay physical beauty. Teach her that real beauty is on the inside by complimenting her on her inner attributes. Respect your body and teach her to respect and love hers. Learn to be an instinctive eater. Listen to what your body is telling you. Often we overeat in an attempt to stifle a food craving. Just eat the food you desired to begin with and your body will be satisfied.

Encourage fun fitness. You do not have to run or lift weights to exercise. Encourage your daughter to find an activity that she enjoys.

In conclusion, set a good example; educate yourself and your daughter, and SAY NO TO DIETING. We can break the cycle and raise a healthier, more confident generation of women.

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